“Sun Forest Cottage"

abril 30, 2016

DaD DESIGN "Sun Forest Cottage" for SHINY SHABBY APRIL  “Sun Forest Cottage" 100% original mesh.
The style is pure, vintage styles: shabby chic wood on both the outside and inside the house creating a home charm.

From the top down of every detail is vintage through out the house.
Outside on the porch with a glass roof from which you can get a glimpse of the leaves that are laid on the roof.
The leaves have a changer textures by touch with 9 colors included for every season.
Traditional interior: there is a living/kitchen, bedroom and bathroom/studio. at home. The color scheme of blue and white, it’s very relaxing palette.

*The windows open by touch as the doors to the easy step.
*How to change color of leaves:
  Positioned with the cam above the porch roof. Touches the leaves and a menu appears with various colors
*Material enabled:
Preferences ----> Graphics----> General ----> check Advanced Lighting Model.

These products are 100% original mesh and has been made with cinema 4d. 

DaD DESIGN "Sun Forest Cottage" for SHINY SHABBY APRIL
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