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enero 20, 2016

War Love

On Darkyn <3
ADAM Mesh Body
SAMURAI HQ Adam Mesh Body WarZone Applier Skin Albino
REDGRAVE LQMesh Suspender Cargo Pants
(epia) Tactical Vest
DECO Skull Bowl (fukt)
MANDALA Shamira DogTag Necklace
[J.M poses] Rifle M4A1 Custom Black/Beige en Marketplace

B.C.R. War Tank free en Marketplace
On me 
Addams // Space Warrior - Acces // Winter Camo // Gloves/Short&Straps/Vest for The Epiphany
Exile::Memory Bliss Blondes
[J.M poses] Super Kriss V en Marketplace
MANDALA Shamira DogTag Necklace 
 SIGUE LAS NOVEDADES EN NUESTRO GRUPO DE SECOND LIFE. secondlife:///app/group/3f2b18a4-9a8c-f9fa-a429-cadef9f95d60/about

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