TeNDeR LoVe?

diciembre 04, 2015


On Darkyn <3

New Release Kauna Smoking Jacket for FaMESHed
Kauna 2BN Trousers Black
[kunst] Norman Pipe / Rustic
Hair *ARGRACE* Shun
SAMURAI HD Zander Nude Skin

22769-[bauwerk] Brutus Lamp, Kraken End Table, Dildo, Leather Whip, Box of Cigars, Cigar Lounge Ashtray

On me

enVOGUE - HAIR Madalyn - Dark Blondes
*MC* Reverie Lingerie / Sand-Black  for WINTER TREND SL 2015

 SIGUE LAS NOVEDADES EN NUESTRO GRUPO DE SECOND LIFE. secondlife:///app/group/3f2b18a4-9a8c-f9fa-a429-cadef9f95d60/about

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